Hasbro Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It game

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Hasbro Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It game
Excellent USED condition
All pieces, parts, and instructions included
Box shows some minimal wear from normal use.  Very slight crease on front. No tears
It is the most inclusive and exciting game of Trivial Pursuit yet
When you play it, you don't have to know all the answers to win - it's what you think your friends know that really counts
Bet they'll know it or bet they won't, either way a smart bet can turn your winnings into wedges
Provide something for everyone
With 1,800 fascinating questions there's plenty of great content to get you talking


  • Brand = Hasbro
  • Condition description = Excellent
  • Recommended Age = 16+
  • MPN = 053569497004
  • Ships In = 2-3 days
  • Collection = Games & Puzzles

Item Number: 1089-5632

Item ID: 131140

Category: Game

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