Nancy Drew The Deadly Device Mystery #27 WIN MAC DVD-ROM software

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 Nancy Drew The Deadly Device Mystery #27 WIN MAC DVD-ROM software
Excellent LIKE NEW condition
Includes disc, original case and instructions
Publisher: Her Interactive
Year: 2012
Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
Prolific teenage sleuth Nancy Drew is at it again when a physicist mysteriously dies at a secretive lab in The Deadly Device. Players will learn obscure facts about the famed physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla as they interrogate lab co-workers, sneak into off-limits zones, solve puzzles made out of Tesla's mechanical curiosities, and search for clues during the day and at night. There are two difficulty modes available, and a set of arcade-style mini-games are included to keep the action varied.

  • Brand = Her Interactive
  • Publisher = Her Interactive
  • Platform = PC
  • Condition description = Like new
  • Video type = game
  • video genre = mystery
  • Game Rating = E 10+
  • Release year = 2012
  • Ships In = 2-3 days
  • Collection = Other video games

Item Number: 1089-5530

Item ID: 130715

Category: PC games

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