Nintendo Wii Megamind Mega Team Unite BRAND NEW!

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Nintendo Wii Megamind Mega Team Unite
BRAND NEW, never played, but is not factory sealed

Just as Megamind has become our new Mega Hero, a sudden crime wave hits the city. The Doom Syndicate and their Doom Goons have emerged and are looking to take over. Only Megamind and his arsenal of gadgets can stop them. Now, in a unique gameplay experience for Wii players can be the ultimate Mega Hero.Switch between blasters on the fly which become more powerful the more they are used
Create a 4-player "Mega Squad" by choosing from 9 characters, including Megamind
Team up with 1-4 players to defend the city against the Doom Syndicate
Use super abilities to fight Mega Villains and boost your action with power ups
Track down and defeat your enemies with the Mega Essence Tracker and Bio Essence Neutralizer


  • Brand = Nintendo
  • Publisher = THQ
  • Platform = Nintendo Wii
  • Video type = game
  • video genre = action
  • Game Rating = E 10+
  • Release year = 2010
  • Ships In = 2-3 days
  • Collection = Nintendo Wii

Item Number: 78-5284

Item ID: 70186

Category: Game

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