Presto Pan Gogh Pancake Art Griddle NEW!

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Presto Pan Gogh Pancake Art Griddle with batter bottles and templates
New in box (box was opened to verify contents)

Create your own pancake art with the PanGogh pancake art griddle.
Nonstick templates and four batter bottles help you create colorful pancake designs.
Griddle features a canvas-colored, nonstick cooking surface and four-sided, cool-touch surround that doubles as a frame for your pancake art!
Includes cool-touch griddle, two fine-tipped and two standard-tipped batter bottles, and a double-sided, nonstick template
Griddle is also great for eggs, french toast, cottage fries, and grilled cheese

  • Brand = Presto
  • Condition description = Opened box
  • Model # = 10-30039
  • MPN = 10-30039
  • Ships In = 2-3 days
  • Collection = Housewares

Item Number: 4463-1109

Item ID: 176554

Category: Small Appliances

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